Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Gotta Love Iowa

Winter is back……Oh joy!!!!! Pretty chilly out and some type of rain, ice, and snow mix on the ground. I will say that people were being safe this morning on the roads. This morning’s workout was completed on the treadmill. Not my favorite place to run but I was NOT running outside today, tooooo nasty. The run was: 30 min in Zone 1 and 2 (HR) with 20-30 second pick-ups. A pick-up is an increase in speed throughout the entire interval. This worked out fairly well as the treadmill has 1/10 increments so I was able to kick the speed up every couple of seconds to achieve my pick-up. The heart rate was staying low (131ave) and my RPE was next to nothing during the workout, which was good. Total of 3.0 miles and 30 minutes today.

In other news I was looking at a race schedule for 2006 last night. So far it looks like this:
Decorah MTB TT ???? - Always a fun race!
Sugar Creek 12hr MTB - New one for me!
Pigman Sprint Tri – Probably my favorite TriTimber City Adventure Tri (Canoe, bike, run) – New for me and first canoe event.CornMan Tri – The race that always gets me…. Not this year!!!!
Cedar Valley 12hr MTB – Local event and a good way to get in a looooong ride
Pigman ½ IM Tri - I still have the race #’s on my arm from the sunburn of 15 months ago. I will be better prepared this year.
Des Moines Marathon – This will be my first marathon. 6 weeks after a ½ IM? I must like pain!

It’s doubtful this will hold as summer approaches and other commitments come up, but I felt like having something in writing.
That’s all for now. Have a great day!


That's a good lokking schedule that you have so far.
You should be able to do the Decorah TT as it will be on Saturday this year! Then you could chill overnight and do the T.I. finish line on Sunday with Cray and Juhls.
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