Monday, November 28, 2005



Happy Monday everyone!!!! I most people hate Monday’s especially after a 4-day weekend. However, I’m having a wonderful Monday morning and you should too. The started at 4:45 with the alarm going off. I hit the snooze and then Katie kicked me, just like I had asked her to do, THANKS HONEY. You see I had said last night that if I’m going to be competitive next year it all starts Monday morning. Being the supportive wife she is, she had no problem kicking me out of bed. Off to the weight room I went for day one of Prep Stage. 8 exercises, 3 sets of 20 to 30 on each. 40%-60% of my max. Thank goodness it’s only for 4 weeks, that’s tooooo much up and down. Wait, I’m an endurance athlete right, is there ever tooo much of anything??? Hehehe.
I’ll keep everyone posted on a day to day of the workout plan. If anyone is interested I can post the plan in detail or email it to you, just let me know. It is based off Olympic distance and then tweaked to meet my schedule and goals.

Check out this website. It looks like a good time and I’m leaning towards hosting something like this instead of a normal trail run. It’s defiantly different. Chime in if you think this would fly or not.

Ok, better get some work done. Have a great week everyone.


Dude, I spell like a 3rd grader.
Muddy Buddy is pretty cool. It's a good idea cause it does not aim towards one specific market. If you bike you can do it...if you run you can do it...if you have friends you can do it. I think it would go over well when the college kids are in the area...maybe late summer?
Good point on the college kids, had not thought of that. Late September may not be a bad idea.
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