Sunday, November 13, 2005


Trail running and riding

Yesterday was good day. Left the house just before 9:00 to go hang out at Europa Cycle and Ski before the Turkey Trot. JK and the Jackal were setting up the ski area, we did a little chatting and then I rode over the Hartman Reserve for a little trail goodness. I registered, which was a mear $7, did a little warm up and then off we went. No race numbers, no clock, no top finishers, just a good day on the trails having some fun. The route had plenty of ups and downs and a killer stair climb at the very end.
Afterwards I got back on the bike and headed to GW to check out the new trails. Props go out to everyone that has worked on the trails, they were in good shape and it was a joy to ride with out getting bitch slapped by trees, weeds, and grass. After this lovely day of trail bliss I started to think of a route for an off road duathlon using Hartmann, Lookout Park, and GW. Keep the Run in South Hartman and Adams Trail, bike in GW and North Hartman. I think we could pull it off, there are few to none off road multisport events in Iowa. That would make next year busy, Trail run in the spring and DU in the Fall. Carlos and I also spoke of a particular "team" that may be coming in 2006, we'll have to see how it pans out.

Have a great day,


New team idea? Wouldn't be the same one you made mention of to me, would it? Sounds cool!
Yes, it is. Just need to get everyone together to start the ball rolling.
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