Wednesday, November 30, 2005



Ha, thought I forgot about posting today didn't you! Lots of little things so here we go in ramdom mode.

My new Topeak Comp 140 cycling computer came to me today via USPS. I purchased this because it has a cadence sensor.....oooooooooo : - ) I hope have this installed on the Slingshot soon.

It is snowing, and I rode in the snow to lift weights tonight. I love riding in the snow!!! Ok temps and low winds would make tonight a great time for an extended ride. Weight's were up, down, and repeat.

911 dispatch is going nuts tonight with the snow, cars going off the road left and right. I'm planning on at least one fire/rescue call tonight. And to increase those chances we have already had 2 fires today (fires come in 3's also). One hay bailer (how to you bail hay in the snow??) and one dishwasher caught on fire. Those get a big WTF!!! I got to soak the dishwasher so that was ok.

I took Ainsley to the doctor today for her flu shot. Nothing like watching a stranger stick a needle into your helpless childs leg. Afterwards I stopped at Europa to get bike box for the Trek 1100. Looks like it should sell tomorrow. There are 29 people watching it and it's had over 700 hits. Hopefully a couple of people get stupid and pay too much for it. Then I can buy _____________???? You'll have to wait for that to unfold!

Ok, need to get some sleep. Tomorrow AM is a bike workout with RPM kicks, see why I bought a computer with cadence.


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