Thursday, December 15, 2005


Christmas is coming

Holy crap, only 10 days till Christmas! Maybe I should start to buy some gifts! Speakin of gifts, what does everyone have on their list this year??? Clothes, lights, a new bike, wheels, wetsuit??
Sound off!!! What do you want in your stocking?!?

Training is going well but I'm having a hard time fiting it in, but I'm geting it in. I heard a good quote last night. "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail". So, I must "prepare" for 2006.

Lifted weights and ran last night..... Weird but I've been enjoying running in sub freezing temps.
The question of, "will I hit some ice and fall on my ars" helps to keep the strides short and turnover high. Lifting all these weights makes me hungry allllll day long too. I feel like I'm turning into Arnold.

Ed out!

No goodies for me. Don't need/want anything.
Jeff's lying! I can think off a few things he needs/wants off the top of my head....

1. A bike sponsor for '06 that gets his gear to him by mid February, and supplies all the running gear for it.

2. Health- need I say more?

3. To have his car "magically" arise from it's snowy pit of death.

4. Enough hours at work to pay for his needs, and to never have to work with Leans on Wood again.

Shall I go on? Come on, Jeff! You can't be serious!

As for me, I'd take some gifts that would speed along my Inbred build process. That'd be sweet!
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