Friday, December 09, 2005


Off Week

This week has been a little on the crazy side. Last weekend was the flu, on Tuesday I lost my voice and could hardly talk for 2.5 days. Figuring my body needs the rest I have not trained at all this week. Figure 1 week off now instead of every other week off for the next 3 months.
So here come some random thoughts for the last week.


Why do dogs still put their head out the window of a moving truck when it's -10 degress out?

I like my snow-blower, a lot!

I hate working 11 and 12 hour days!

Is 30 degrees really a heat wave?

Best pedals for the snow:
A - Clipless
B - Platform
C - Toe Straps

Who's riding outside this weekend?

4 wheel drive does not help you to stop! Only helps you go!

Will Europa carry Redlines bikes in 2006?????

There is a really big hill behind our building here. Good for sledding in winter, climbing training in the summer.

I've been consuming a large amount of soup lately, it's yummy. Garden Veggie is my fav.

That's all, next week should be better.

Slade, you need to start carrying that hand sanitizer stuff around w/ you.
We can get Redline thru Seattle Bike Supply.

We are riding on Sat and Sun morning.
meet at Pfeiffer park in CF at 8 AM.
Bring the single. Bike that is.
Clay - That's not a bad idea.

JK - I would love to but the firemen are cooking meals for those without family this holiday season. And the Gators I ordered 2 weeks ago are not here, WTF!
the gators are good slade! foot toasters! woohoo!
Platform pedals or clipless set up LOOSE! That's best for the snow!

I'm thinking that the Redline stuff might be a good fit for the shop, but "stodgy-non-risk-taker types" are at the helm! We can always special order it!

Rode the bike last night, but I am concentrating on the XC skiing while there is good snow!
how about those UNI Panthers. finally got to see a game up here and of course it goes OT. that and the beating of the Hackeyes at b-ball. Merry Christmas.
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