Saturday, December 03, 2005



What???? It's just Elton John. Few more inches of the white stuff last night and more to come today(frown). I have my workout in for the day, 1hr on the treadmill with a rolling hills simulation. Just ate a egg white and cheese breakfast burrito and I'm working on my first cup of hazelnut joe. Ummmmmm. Afternoon plans are to go to Cedar Rapids and see my best buddy Neal. His wife gave birth to two beautiful girls last week and we have not seen the babies yet. For those of you that know Neal, yes he is a father. Dear God!
I received payment for the Trek last night so let the shopping begin!!!!! All input is welcome, yes I'm riding a single speed for 12 hour events next year. Here are the rides I'm looking at, keep in mind I'm trying to get the frame for $400 or less.
Kona Unit or Explosif
Surly 1x1 or karate monkey
Soul Cycles Houlligan
Redline Mono-cog (full bike in steal is $400, Al flight is $550. Big plus is 2006 models are 135mm rear spacing, not the old 110)

Ok, that's all for now....Damn, just looked out the window and snow is falling again. Have a good weekend.


Surly has a suh-weeet lime green sparkle 1X1 coming out in the spring. That said, my vote goes to the Karate Monkey....of course!
I'll second the KM.

Neal a father? Hell has frozen over
I say 29er sans suspension. It will keep the price on the down low that way. Plus the large hoops and fatty tires on the 29 will give you all the suspension you need.
Hummmm, Mr. 24 now an advocate for the 29 inch wheels. Sounds like Ted's wisdom is rubbing off on him. Ok, now I'm off to mtbr's 29" review to start some research.
29ers is right for the application and price point your looking for.
29" wheels are the only way to go for where you're riding. karate monkey would be the route for your budget. if you need some parts just give me a shout. we'll hook you up, proper.
Dirty- I'll be taking you up on that offer after the 1st of the year. Everyone says the monkey is where it's at!
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