Tuesday, December 20, 2005



My posting has been less that spank-tack-u-lar the past 2 weeks. It's winter yo! Not much exciting going on.
I can say that I have fallen off the wagon. My diet lately is terrible! I am hungry from all the workouts and people keep shoving all thses treats at me, it's rude to turn them down right??? Ahhhh, will-power Jeff, will-power. Cliff bars not pumpkin bars...... but pumpkin is a vegie???????.......I don't know, Ahhhhh!

I'm still feeling sore from that little run Chadly and I did Sunday. Stomping through 12 inches of snow for over a mile tends to do that. This week wraps up my "prep" phase of training. Base starts on Monday, yea!!!! something a little different. Before base phase I have to do a lactate threashold test..... No, I'm not seeing how much milk I can drink. Although I've heard you cannot drink a gallon in 1 hour without barfing (another college story). I will be doing a TT on the bike until I darn near pass-out, sweet!! Headline reads, "Winter cyclist found passed out in pool of his own sufferage" eeeeewwwwww. I have to do the same for running also, but not in my basement.
I hope to get a lot of things done next week, I only work on Tuesday. Finally some time off work and more time with the family!!
Get outside this week freaks, temp are pushing above 20 degrees!



so, there i was.....

merry christmas to you and yours!

peace out, yo!
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