Sunday, December 18, 2005


Sub Zero Running

Headed out this morning with Chad at 7:00 for a run. The Explorer was reading a hot -1 degrees on the way to the park. I bundled up with layers of Duofold thermal gear and I kept toasty warm. Both of us had frost on the outside of our clothes by the end of the run, it was pretty funny. I had not seen Chad in over a year so it was good to run and chat. Ran for just short of an hour around Grand blvd., Hartman, Rainbow, and of course the Euro Crit. Saw a few deer, they really stand out in the snow. Also saw a good blood trail where a deer had been shot.
Hit one section of deep snow that I'll be feeling it tomorrow morning.

Not much else going on today. Try to say warm!

Ed Out!

I walked four miles today between six and seven am. I got the frosty look too!
Sweet, Chad looked like Frosty the Snowman!
That was a good run. Nothing like running through the ol' stompin' grounds. Frosty the snowman, yep that was me. I love the technical clothing.

Thanks for the run. Your turn to come up here for a spankin' good run
I give both of you credit!!! That was way, way to cold!!! Yea I'm a wimp when it comes to cold; but when it comes to the heat I love it.


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