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So, it's that time a year when all magazines go bling bling on all the new products. I have to say after reading my new MBA and Triathlete Mag I'm dreaming bling bling. I'd love to hook up some of those 2K+ rides and the cool gear that goes with cycling and running, maybe some day. Of course Triathlete Mag rolled out the double issue with an Ironman guide special. I often wonder what all fuss is over an Ironman. I understand the commitment and I do feel it's a great achievment but please people, there are 28 Kona qualifiers and HUNDREDS of other distance events. I just feel they don't get there fair share of publicity most of the time.
I will give them tons of credit for putting Sarah Reinsertsen on the cover of the normal issue. Sarah is a challenged athlete and completed Kona this year. After watching her miss the time cut in 2004 (it was hard to watch) she brought it in 2005 and finished the race. For more on athletes like Sarah check out
Also this months issue had a nice spread on Xterra. There is a good chance I'm going to spend most 2006 playing in the dirt. Why, cause it's fun!!! When I trail run it's refreshing; no cars, no worries. I hope introduce some other people to the dirt and have a couple of events to gain some exposure to the fun.
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Slade, please do give up the info on your single speed sled score! Inquiring minds want to know!
Ted's mind is going to explode!!! LOL.
Welcome back dude!'re leaning toward hitting the midwest Xterra champs in brew-city?
2/3 of the events in Xterra are done in the dirt.
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