Thursday, February 16, 2006



Time for what has become a weekly update, at best. Here goes.

#1 - I have purchased a new truck. I know, I know; walking, running, and riding are much betters ways to get to my final destinations, BUT. I need a truck!!! It's just the way my life is. I have to haul "things" and lots of them at different times. Oh yea, it's a 1998 GMS SLE 1/2 ton extended cab 4x4 with the 3rd door. Very handy for baby seats.

#2 - So while I'm spending money I should buy a bike right? RIGHT!!!! Saturday a new little SS MTB should be at my door via FedEx. It will go squish, squish...........Any ideas on what I bought Ted??? Keep in mind, if I'm hoping for any type of sponsorship from a bike company they need to make both SS's and Tri bikes.

#3 - I got to chat with Citron "29er" Rob this week. Always a good chat. He is heading out to Moab soon, can I go too??????

#4 - We are very close to setting a date for my departure from my current job and the start of full time hours at the machine shop. This is very exciting and very stressful. Self employment scares me!!!!!!!!

#5 - My sewer backed-up on Saturday, that was NOT COOL!

#6 - I have a drawing for a single piece full cnc machined bike mount. I like it, I like it a lot.

#7 - Decorah TT is the same day as Coulee Du.........which one should I do???? Can't do both, I would if I could.

#8 - I'm still not training yet........It will be ok, soon I will have the time. Oh yea, try the POM stuff that JK mentioned on his site. 4oz mixed with your morning smoothie gives you a little extra boost.

I'm out, looking forward to warmer weather, less stress, and more time on the trails.


I say singlespeed Sling shot from the land of Michy-gan.
As cool as that would be it's not in the budget. Try again!!
If I were you I would do both races
C'dale? It seems to be a disease around here lately!
Shaka - you know if time worked out I would to both....I just can't make it work.

Ted - Nope, no lefty fever yet.
Hey Ed...have been reading from time to time, but haven't commented since sometime last year (probably mid-year). I'm tackling a couple off-road tris this year, so will be checking you out regularly hoping for more good tips as the events come closer. BEst of luck on going solo workwise. I did it for seven years and it was great until I decided I wanted more time to train.
Hey Mallie, good to here you are going after the dirty tri!! Carlos da Jackal also has the bug for Xterra. I'll do my best to post helpful information soon.

Good luck!
I can hardly keep up with him, he has so many nicknames. He doesn't know me from Adam, but I read his blog too. I'll have to see what he's posted re: Xterra. Thanks for the reply and I'll keep coming back.
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