Monday, February 27, 2006


That's right

I'm posting in back to back days. Been a long time since that happened. Here is the run down on what's been happening.

I took the day off from the normal job today to work at the machine shop. It's so much better there than at a "normal" job. We had a new CNC lathe come in last week and we were running it today. It's fast and accurate, just want we wanted. I also started a little mock-up of a rear wheel tensioner for the new KHS Solo-One. It's very simple but will be strong, rust proof, and accept quick release and bolt on axles. It should do the trick nicely. I'm keeping the specifics on the down low for now but I will soon be working at the shop full time. YEA!

Thanks to a link from Mr. 24's site I spent some time yesterday emailing with Brent from They are a small company kicking out some cool looking threads. With a little luck I might just be rolling with them this spring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Check out the Argyle jersey, it so kicks ass.

I attended a CPR re-cert class tonight for the fire department. Have no fear, I'm trained to save your life if you every collapse on a ride or run! After that I hit the weight room for day one of my 14 week plan to Pigman sprint 2006. This included a 20 min run and some weights. As normal I was hungry when I returned so I hit the fridge for some chow.
That will wrap it up for today.

Ed Out!

got me a new Elite Magnus frame coming. would you be interested in the roadie Sling? it will come w/ fork, headset, wheels, stem, seatpost, ultegra 9 crank, and ultegra 9 r. der.. top tube length on it should be about 54cm.
Slade: If you are interested, we have a Trek bike down at the shop that I could probably get my hands on super cheap if you want some real world testing of the tensioner design you came up with. I could set it up, and Kerkove, Buchanon, and myself could thrash on it, since it'd fit just about all of us okay.
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