Sunday, February 05, 2006


Wow, It's Been a Month?

Really????? Has it been over a month since my last blog post? That crazy and not cool. I'll I can say is that work is in stupid crazy mode and I just took another promotion. That's two promotions after only working there 12 months. That is cool but the hole I have to dig out of is more like a cavern and the stress is pretty high. I haven't trained at all in the past month which has caused me to take a look at my goals for 2006 and change a few things. I'm not going to lower my expectations but I am going to push the season back a little bit. Not a big deal. I have struck a side deal with a certain company for obtaining a single speed bike. Trust me it is not a huge deal but it's a little support. Oh yea, I will hopefully have an additional SS in the stable with in 10 days or so! Sweet, pics to come.
Stay tuned for the restart of 2006 training, there will be more to come.

Striking deals eh? I am definately liking the sound of that. Congrats and cannot wait for pictures.
Yeah, ditto to what the Jackal says!

Welcome back to the blogosphere, I thought you were down for the count!

Hope the work situation eases for you.

Carlos sent you an e-mail, I will await your response!
Slade!! you are alive. so, is the promo a good thing? so, what races are you thinking about? i think the 12 of CV is a go. how about the dewitt/gladbrook double?
a little X-terra milwaukee? pigman 1/2? let me know.
welcome back
Hey boys, not promising anything yet for the race season. The rest of my life is still a little too wacked out. The next couple of months will tell.
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