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Where does the time go? So far for me in 2006 time has gone to Working a full time job, Working a part-time job, and making some home improvements. Over the past week I've received an email, a phone call, and a blog post from people asking if I'm training and looking for tips as they try their first triathlons this year. To the people that contacted me I say THANK YOU! I looked up to the lunar moon last night and realized I'm 14 weeks away from my first Triathlon of the year and only 9 weeks away from my first Duathlon. Time for me to focus some time on to my 2006 race goals and still keep my 2006 professional goals in line.

For those of you that read and don't know me that well here is a little background so you can get an idea of who I am and what I have going on other than multi-sports. You'll see I'm an average guy with a family, a J-O-B, and a love for endurance activities.
Jeff Slade aka Eduardo the Cuban Cabana Boy
High School sports included baseball, basketball, football, and golf. Yes, I spanked whitie.
Age 26, not far from 27
Home owner, husband for 5+ years, father of a wonderful 11 month old, firefighter, and in two months a full time business partner with my father at our own machine shop.

Started riding at age 18 for that party called Ragbrai. At age 20 I met a guy named Carlos the Jackal( and we started riding the local trails on Saturday mornings. The next year we both did our first mtb race in Decorah, Carl was hooked and I was still on the fence. A couple of years later Dirtram told me about the Iowa Games Triathlon and I said what the heck. Almost went under on the swim but I finished with a smile, and I was hooked!!!

This year marks the start of my 5th year in Triathlon and I'm looking forward to a fun season. Introducing people to multisports is more fun to me than ever taking home a first place medal. So for those of you that read, Thank you!

Let's get started on 2006! I'm going to follow a 12 week plan from slow twitch outlined here
Check out the link and follow along with me. I like the plan cause it's not too rigid and it has some good humor with it. Along with 4x20 runs in week one all also mix in some light weight training.

Good luck!

So glad to see you blogging again. 2 posts in a row...who'd-a-think? Looking forward to reading your thoughts as you complete your 12 week plan. I'm about to start some serious planning for the next six weeks. Best of luck this season and keep blogging.
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