Thursday, March 30, 2006


Has Spring Sprung??

Weather is getting better and that means my spirits are staring to lift. I love spring! The temps go up and the sun stays out longer, wahoo!!! Seems like my life is in count down mode right now. 2 more weeks at the J-O-B. 10 weeks till Pigman Sprint. 1 week till my 2nd KHS Solo One shows up. I really excited about working at the shop full time. We just picked up a ton of work and I get to ride my bike to work every day, kick ass!!!!!
Expect the blogging to get better in 2 weeks, I'll have a lot of burdens off my shrinking shoulders by then.
In some other news there may be a Cedar Valley Tri club starting up. My co-worker Melissa wants to get one going so we can have training days and hold events. I'm all for it, hopefully it pans out. I've also seen that 2 time Ironman world champion and Cedar Rapids native Tim Deboom will be racing in the Pigman 1/2IM this year, that's pretty cool.

That's all for now.

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