Monday, March 06, 2006


Let's see

what's been going on. Last week I made 3 of the 4 scheduled workouts plus weights after each run. Really, not too bad for me. I feel good and by the third run I was getting some form back. What else..... I'm starting to build up the KHS. That always makes my mind go crazy looking for parts and reading reviews. Stopped in to Europa Cycle and Ski Saturday to chat with Mr. 24 and Bucannondale. Bucannondale's RUSH was on display. Very, very nice. Mr. 24 loaded me up with elite and Recover-ease. Thanks Buddy! New issue of Mountain bike action showed up today. So far it sucks...... really not much there for me. Oh yea, the new girl I'm training at work is a triathlete. KICK ASS! And the person we hired before her ran college cross country. Another KICK ASS! I can actually talk to them about more that work. Speaking of work, better get some sleep. Going in early all week to try and get caught up, so I can get out!


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