Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Team for 2006!!

I'll sporting Twin Six gear as I cruise on the bike this year! I'm really looking forward to rolling with them and testing their new products. I'm not that fast but I'll look good! Check them out at

Yea buddy!!!
Good going on this deal. Hope to see you out there at Finchford and 12 hour in July sporting your new gear.

Thanks for your comments on the site.
I'll be at the 12 hours of CV. Also the road and mtb TT's. I don't have a race legal road bike, so I'll have to pass on Finchford.

uhm...slingshot 650 road geometry
all you need is cassette, sti, bars, saddle, pedals, and brakes. that bike would be legal. do you want? you want.
I'm sorry Dirtram, all the $$ going to MTB this year.

Also, there is an Adventure Race near DM on 8-27-06. You want to team up with me for a domiating win??
I like the looks of the argyle one...but the blue one looks very "hipster/punk". I'm sure they're happy to hve you sporting their goods. Best of luck!
Very, very cool, Slade! That is an awesome array of gear there. I really like that style. Good luck with this stuff, and make sure you tell us more after you get some time with it all!
Is that code for something?
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