Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Another late night Workout

Workouts seem to be going better at night than eary am lately. Just got back from a 25 min run on the new shoes, still loving them! Great temps for April in Iowa, 10:30 at night and still 40 degrees. Spoke with the one and only Monkeytron tonight. Sounds like he is coming back to Iowa this weekend to run a 5k in Cedar Falls. It's the UNI spring fling or something like that. I don't think I'll be running but I may ride the slingshot in and show some support for the monkey. Triathlete Mag and Mtb Mag hit my door this week, sweet bathroom reading!
I've giving a lot of thought to what events I will be doing this season. Trying to look at unique events, events I have never done, style of racing I have never done, get the most bang for my buck, and schedule around other events in my life. I know what a pain, I get tired just thinking about it. Right now I'm leaning towards marking (or choosing) "A" events and throw some other stuff around them to break up training. What does everybody else think?

i think you need to drink more beer...... :)

peace out, yo!
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