Saturday, April 29, 2006


Busted Weekend

Rain, Rain go away!!!!!

Those of you that are wondering about Trans Iowa the race is going to end in Algona this year. The rain has caused the roads to be almost impossible to travel by bicycle. Buchanondale has reported that one rider had mud squishing out from his booties, yikes!!! So, that mean no Decorah for Jeff and Clay, damn! I love Decorah, they have my favorite ice cream shop, the Whippy Dip. I'll have to go up there later this year. As for how the 5k went this morning....

How to win a 5k 101 -

Step #1 - pick a race early in the season
Step #2 - make sure the race is at least 45 miles from any larger cities
Step #3 - do a rain dance and make sure it works
Step $4 - have construction at the race shorten the distance

As for the race report, my sister Andrea and I headed for Pine Lake State about 6:15 this morning. It was raining lightly and per the radar it was not going to clear up any time today. We located the race start and hung out unti the 8:00 start time. The rain kept several people away as only about a dozen people where there. They said go and I took off in the lead. about 7 minutes in the fun started, I passed the worker that was going to mark the turn around. I reached a bridge and yelled back to her asking if this was the turn around, she yelled no and waved me to keep going. I kept running and guess what, that was the turn around. So I ran just a little over an extra mile, not a big deal. I drove 50 miles to run so a little extra running was no problem. I eventually caught up with my sister and finished the race with her. Andrea got 3rd overall and the guy that finished ahead of her was gracious enough to let me have 1st as I would have won if I had turned around at the proper point. So, I basically got in a run in the rain with some food and fun mixed in.

Pine lake is an interesting park with camping and a golf course right next to the park. I could see what looked like some killer off road trails in the park and after speaking with some of locals they confirmed that. I'll have to get back up there some time and explore.

That's all for now, Ed out!

Nice work. I have gone off course like that a couple times. Extra running is always good
congrats on the win!
Hey! Good job! Sorry about the weekend wash out. I still want to thank you for volunteering yourself to help out with T.I.V2, though. That meant alot to Jeff and I to know that you guys were gonna have our backs! Thanks!
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