Monday, April 10, 2006


Holy heat wave Batman

It's hot out, no really.... it hit 78 degrees today!! Crazy Iowa spring weather. I would like to say the weekend was full of running and riding but not the case. I enjoyed the weather outside with the family doing yard work. Digging up old plants, trimming trees, and raking leaves out of places I didn't know leaves could get into. It was all things that needed to be done, so it was a good weekend.
Tonight I hit my local 2 mile off road 4 wheeler trail for some running. It was great to get into the woods and give the trail shoes there first real world test. The trails were in pretty good shape, a few sticks and small branches at eye level here and there, I came out with only one mark on the shins. Since this trail was made with 4 wheelers there is a lot of twisting and turning on the legs. I'm already feeling it.... hopefully the recover-easy speeds up the recovery process. I'd like to get a couple of people with trail building backgrounds into this area as I think we could make a nice 4 to 5 mile loop. That's all for now.... T minus 7 weeks till Pigman!

Ed out!

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