Monday, April 03, 2006


Weekend recap

Hello All, I had a great weekend away. Katie and I headed to the Iowa City area to shop and relax. Got to drool on all the bling bling at the IC Scheels, They had a Scott full carbon dream machine there. I reached up to touch it and had a salesmen on me like white on rice. Also went to the outlet mall in Williamsburg and scored some killer new trail shoes at the Nike outlet. I'm not usually a Nike shoe fan but I love these shoes. Did 3 miles in them last night and lifted, the shoes feel like I've been running in them for the past 100 miles. I also finished my workout with some Recover-Ease and I feel great today, the stuff really works. Speaking of gearing up I'm leaning towards doing a 5k in Eldora on 4/29/06 before heading up to Decorah for Trans Iowa. If anyone wants to go along let me know. I would like to bike to the race. Maybe drive to Dike or Grundy and then ride to the race. Let me know if you are interested. Gotta go back to work.

Ed out!

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