Wednesday, April 05, 2006


When she gets older....

She's gonna kill me for posting pics like this. Until then, it's some funny shyt. First the bib came off, next thing I knew her shirt was over her head.

What a great day in the Cedar Valley, good temps and a warm wind. I took the night off from the shop and the family went to the Hudson city park. Ainsley loves the swings and slides. After Ainsley was in bed I hit the trainer for a light 30 minute spin. I've been so busy since the first of the year I'm starting over from scratch on training. If I can get a consistant 10 weeks in before Pigman Sprint I'll be in good shape. Speaking of the Pigman I have made up my schedule for 2006. It has a lot of different events so there will be several first's this year.

April - 5k in Eldora around Pine Lake state park. I hear the trails are beautiful.
June - Pigman Sprint and Sturgis Falls half marathon.
July - Cornman Tri and Cedar Valley 12 hour MTB
August - Adventure Race in Kellog, IA Clay, I need a teamate!!!!!

I'm sure I'll also mix in some 5k's and trail runs along with the road and mtb time trials during the week. I really hope to have a fun summer rolling with the Twin Six Team. The 12 mtb race and the adventure race will be first's for me. The 1/2 marathon will be my first in 3 years. September and October have been left open in case I still host an inexpensive adventure trail run. The family also has some obligations those months, so we'll see.


Brief nudity!
does ainsley remind you of you at all?

peace out, yo!
Yup, she is gonna get U 4 this. Very cute!

The Tart
; )
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