Thursday, April 20, 2006


Where to start

It's been while since my last blog. Tons of awesome stuff has gone on, I'll try to remember as much of it as possible.

Last Thursday - Last day working for the man!!!!!! Now I'm the man, kind of. I'm done and Bossard and now a business partner with my dad, wow!!!! Never thought this would happen when I was in college. Right now they plan is to grow the business (it's a machine shop) and hopefully once things are more settled start to proto-type some of my cycling gadgets. I'm already feeling the effects of 10 hours a day on my feet, I'M SORE!!

Sunday 2:00am - BARN FIRE!!! Yep, that was a fun 3-1/2 hours in the rain fighting a fire... why do fires start in the rain?? This one was due to the crazy lighting that came with the rain and wind. No worries though, we saved the barn.

Monday - DHL is my new favorite delivery service, why you ask?? Cause the brought my new KHS Solo-One!! Assembled it Monday night and rode it to the shop on Tuesday. I like very very much. Only kicker is the trails are all flooded around the cedar valley so only pavment riding at this time.

Tuesday - Spoke with the one and only Dirty Dirtram. Ironed out our plan for the holding down the fort at the Trans-Iowa finish line on April 30th. If you don't know about TI you should, see it here the Jackal and I made it just 50 miles last year before deciding not to blow ourselves up. Dirty also said he was coming down to rock the Cedar Valley 12 hour race, on a SS of course! And we are going to partner up for an adventure race in late August, I'm super pumped for that!

Wednesday - Project back yard is back in full swing, two more loads of fill dirt/sand are to be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait till this is done, it's killing my training time. Due to this, I will not be doing the Pig Man Sprint Tri this year.... Not a big deal, I'm going to hit a couple of new tri's later in the season (sorry melissa!)

Thursday - Probably the best Thursday ever. Team Twin Six ( launched the new website today and I just happen to be one of the lucky team members. Huge thanks to Brent and Ryan for launching the team giving little guys like myself a chance to rock some killer threads. Oh yea, some guy named Kerkove is in there too.

So with all this going on I'm sore and tired, but still biking one day, running the next. Soon I'll be commuting everyday and that will really help the cycling. Speaking of running, I'm out of here while the sun is still up!


you are working wayyyyy too hard jeff. good luck in the future! you be da' man! :)
Hey Slade! You are a Team member! Cool!

Kerkove should have some volunteer info to e-mail you. Could you get ahold of him? What's the 4-1-1 for the finish line?
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