Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Between Rain Drops

Finally the sun came out today, only to be covered up again by the only rain storm in the state, WTF?? Rain = crappy off road trails. I did get out tonight for a great long run. Temps were still warm after sunset so I hit Ho-Chi-Min to Shaulis Road, then across 63 and ran the bike trail back to Hudson. Not sure of the miles, probably in the 7-9 mile range. There was a time when I called that a bike ride, ha! Legs were a little sore but it was one of those runs where they just keep asking for more, I love that feeling. I'll have to hit the bike tomorrow to help blood flow and speed up recovery time. I need to get one of these longer runs in every week leading up to my 1/2 marathon in July.
If the rain stays away I plan on getting some major work done in the back yard. One more load of fill and then one load of black dirt should let me complete the grade work for the top level. Steps should be in and seed planted by Sunday! Saturday is garage sale day in Hudson, watch out for the crazy people!!!

Ed Out!

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