Tuesday, May 16, 2006


quick check in

Hello all... Again my blogging is sucking. Oh well, you do what you can. Currently the rain is killing me!!! Phase 1 of backyard rehab is very close to being done. All I need to do is roll the fresh dirt and seed it. Too bad it rain everyday and it's just a mud pit at the moment.

As for good news, JK and Buchanandale tore it up in Wisconsin this weekend. NICE JOB FELLAS. Thursday is the first MTB TT, hell yea! I say ride to the shop, do the TT, run the TT and then ride home. Training is good on the running side of things, only getting in a couple of rides per week, time to step it up! Also check out the blogging Twin Six team memebers to the right. Lots of kick ass people.

As blue would say,

Peace out yo!

geez jeff, it was great seeing you on thursday at the tt! been awhile, huh?

peace out, yo!
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