Thursday, June 01, 2006



What does that mean??? Well, for some it was the magic time for tonight MTB time trial in the Greenbelt. Congrats to Mr. 24 Jeff Kerkove as he went sub 14 to set the course record. Also congrats to super speedy new guy Dylan Davis. Dylan also runs for the UNI Panthers, SOMEBODY SIGN THIS GUY UP FOR A DUATHLON!!!

As for me, I had no chance of going sub 14. My goal was to improve on my last time by 1 minute. Job done!!! Two weeks ago my time was 18:01, and tonight I was at 16:05. I'm very happy with that and with how the race went. Now it's time to look forward to the next two weekends.

Saturday I'm running the My Waterloo Days 5k with my sister. The plan is to ride to the event, run, and ride home. Should give me an idea on how the bike to run transition is going. The following Saturday I'm heading to Ponca, NE with JK and maybe Buchanandale, G-Ted, or Deerslayer??? We'll have to see. 4 hour marathon race on the single speed should be a great time. Prior to the race I need to order:
Ergon Grips
Salt tablets.
Also need to go over the bike top to bottom and change the rear gear to an 18 tooth. Jeff says there is a lot of climbing on the course so I don't think my current gearing of 33x15 is a good idea.
That's all for now.

Ed Out

See me you should. Elete I have.
Have elete, I shall see
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