Saturday, June 24, 2006


Good start to the weekend

So far the weekend has been very good to me. Friday night I went for a ride on the Slingshot. Headed east on Shrock, then north on Kimball through Orange. Then back West on Orange road, north on Ansborough, west on Eldora, and Ho-Chi-Min trail back home. The ride was great, no wind and good temps. I pushed it a little bit to see what the legs had, just under 20 miles with and average speed of 23. Pull that off at Cornman and the results should be good.

Today I rode to the shop to put in a few hours. Just rode nice in easy, spinning around 100rpm most of the time. I really like having that feature on my computer. After working at the shop I headed to CF to pick up my race packet for the 1/2 tomorrow. I had to register again as they had some problems with the on line registration, that's a bummer. Major props to the CedarRiver Runners Club for giving out kick ass technical shirts and Fox brand socks for the runners. Technical shirts and/or socks are way better that your standard cotton T-shirt.
Sarah from the Runners Flat was also there pimping their products, it's sooo nice to have a true running store in town. I spoke to her a bit about getting a trail running series going next year and they are all for it and willing to help support it. And speaking of trail running we may just be having a run this fall in the Greenbelt. I have been in contact with some folks with Waterloo leisure services and they said as long as we have race insurance it's a go. Yea!!!! I need to check out the insurance and submit a formal race schedule and we should be in business. Stay tuned for details.

On the ride home I ran into local tri-chicks Melissa and Wendy. They were returning from the Sturgis bike ride. We rode and chatted a bit, Melissa was enjoying here new Trek purchased at Europa Cycle and Ski. I will see Melissa at Cornman in 2 weeks and both of them at Big Creek in August.

Once I returned home I ate some food, took and nap and then trimmed trees and hauled some of the old railroad ties to the city brush dump.

As for tonight I had my normal pre-race meal of pasta and bread sticks and I'm drinking a Power-ade slushie, yummm. At first I was going to take the race tomorrow pretty easy but now I think I'm going to give it the old college try. My legs feel good so I might as well see what they've got. Race report tomorrow.

Ed out!

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