Saturday, June 03, 2006


My Waterloo Days 5K Recap

Fantastic morning as I headed out around 7:00 on the Slingshot to the My Waterloo Day's 5K running event. Bike ride in was just short of 10 miles. I could not get comfortable more most of the ride and the legs didn't feel too spunky so I wasn't looking to really fly durning the 5K. As I arrive at the race site I see a familiar face from up north, It was Chad Juel. Chad's website is too the left under "bad monkey". That was pretty sweet that Chad came down to kick some tail on his home turf. We did about a 12-15 min warm up and the legs felt OK at best, Chad's form looked very good. We catch up with my sister at the start line and wish her good luck, this was her first 5k distance race. Chad and I get to the front of the starting line and talk about pace, he was looking for 6:20's and was going for 6:45's so I knew I wouldn't see him very long.

Ready, set, go and we were off. Most of the run is shaded and temps were about 65 degrees, PERFECT!
The start was super fast, people were sprinting of the line. WTF and whatever, go blow up by mile one and I'll pass your sorry ass before I'm even breathing hard. Chad went out with the top five and I just ran my race. Cruising along at mile one my split was 6:27. I was feeling good and starting to settle in. A little roller here, a left or right turn there, and some very nice old houses on this route kept it interesting. Mile two was 6:40, no problem there so I just kept going. Chad came back and ran to the finish with me, my final time was 20:41. Not my fastest on this course but it scored me a 3rd place medal for my age group. Mr. Juel posted a 2nd overall and 1st in our age group. Hummmm, 1st and 3rd......1st and 3rd, there are two other guys I know that ride MTB's that keep getting 1st and 3rd.

All in all a good day and a good race. My sis was 8th in her class out of 15. She was happy, WAY TO GO SIS!!

Ed Out!!

Nice work. Your form was looking good. Happy Mutant Multisport representing
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