Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Trail Running and Gravel Grinding

Just returned from a hour and twenty minute gravel grinder. Tonight's route was South and East of Hudson. It was pretty much my last test prior to Ponca this weekend. Everything seems fine and I'm looking forward to the event. Now I just need to clean, lube, and tighten everything up. Last night was a hour trail run in the Greenbelt. Just steady base miles all by myself. Not another soul in sight. Here and some pics of the new bike set up and tonights ride.

Hummm, it's not winter or raining.... Sweet!

Level B never looked this good on Trans Iowa

Heads up! Wide load coming at 'cha

Yes, that is my cell phone

Good luck this weekend at Ponca, dude! I wish I was goin with ya but the RASH riders money is too easy to take!

Hey, ya gotta fill me in on the location of that B road. South of Hudson and just north of Buckingham, maybe? Could be part of the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational, ya know!
yo, eduardo! does she know how to use that phone? there will be trouble ahead, buddy!

peace out, yo!
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