Thursday, July 13, 2006



Random on, GO!!

Kerkove's tan lines scare me!

All you locals listen up!!! The Waterloo YMCA is starting a Tri training/club type of program. They sent an instructor to Chicago to learn the in's and out's to coach this club. So if you want to get your tri on contact the Y and get details.

Anyone that wants the Standard Twin Six jersey for a killer $35.00 let me know. I'll take cash, check, paypal, or your first born child.

I nicked my thumb in a drill press Monday at the shop, OUCH! My only hope is that I have picked up some areo-dynamic advantage for this weekend.

The tour is freaking crazy this year, I think it is more fun to watch now than when Lance was racing. Speaking of Lance, he will be in Iowa riding RAGBRAI on the 27th. I hope he brings a group of 20 people to ride around him so some crazy drunk doesn't take him out.

This weekend, hot as hell is expected for Saturday. Anti Monkey Butt powder will be in use. Buchanandale and I will have to load up on Elete for all the good racing. Still not sure if Juels and Monkeytron will be joining us???

I have a blister on my left heel from last weekend. The risk you run going sockless, but transtions are faster. Faster = better!

Speaking of last weekend props go out to local tri guys Rex Reed and Kasey Schmitt.
Rex scored 3rd in the 20-24 age group and Kasey was 2nd ahead of me in the 25-29.
Nice job fellas.

Splits are up from last weekend. Swim was 43rd overall (not bad) Bike was 75th (not good) and run was 35th (damn, that's suprising). I know the swim can improve, the bike HAS to improve, and the run has been getting better all year.

I have done nothing all week as far as training, shop is way too busy. Plan to spin and run tonight. I need to see how that blister feels and see what I need to do to protect it. Friday am swim and racing Saturday!

Random off

Ed out!

Still up in the air on coming down or not. Leaning towards not, but we will see.
What? My tans? They are the shiznit!
Good luck at the Race!
err oops spoke too soon
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