Sunday, July 09, 2006


Cornman Tri yields 3rd place age group

Fantastic morning to roll to Gladbrook, Ia and hit my first triathlon of the season; the Cornman Sprint Triathlon. 500 yard swim in a really nice lake, cycling 14 miles of rolling Iowa country side, and a 5k run that included the Hill of Death. I woke up around 5:45 and stuck to my usual routine. Bagel with PB and J, Eggs, banana, coffee, and about 24 oz of water mixed with elete. On the road headed south with the Slingshot aboard about 6:30. Hit the race site about 7:20, picked up my packet, found a spot in the transition area and got ready.

Warmup included 4 miles of cycling, 1/2 mile of running, and 200 yards of swimming. I was feeling good and ready to go. I was in the second swim wave so at 9:04 I hit the water. Just did my best to aim for the turn-around and stay steady. It was going well, not feeling tired and not taking on any water. I was out of the water at about 8:30 by my watch. I saw that number and let out a huge grin, I was hoping for 9-10minutes so 8:30 was a welcome suprise. I had a smooth trasition with no bobbles and was off on the 14 mile bike ride.

At 2 miles in there is a hard climb up the back of the Hill of Death, that went well and I flew down the other side at 40mph, coasting! That also brought a smile to my face. I was trying to look for other riders in my age group but could not find anyone, nor was anyone finding me so I was atleast holding serve from the swim. The rest of the ride went well, we had a 15mph cross wind out of the West the entire ride. I did my best to hold a 20mph average and I think I just came up short of that, I'll have to look at the splits when they are posted. The best part was my legs were pain free and I still had energy in the tank.

I hit T2 without any issues and gave Katie and Ainsley a wink to let them know I was feeling good as I headed out on the run. I settled in on the run really quickly and was pain free. At 3/4 of a mile the Hill of Death started. If you have never done this race I cannot explain the hill, it is long and steep and after 50 or 60 minutes plus on the course, it's a kick in the junk. I made it up ok and was just over 7 minutes for the first mile. I coasted down the backside and just stayed steady the rest of the way to a finishing time of 1:17:00 and a 3rd place finish in my age group.

I'm very happy with my performance and would be just as happy if I had not placed as I set a new PR on this course. Now it's time to rest and take it easy this week. Next Saturday is my favorite weekend, the Iowa Games Tri/MTB double.

500 Yards of Fun

Smile for the camera, Wetsuits made bad swimmers much better!

Out of T1 and starting the 14 mile bike ride

Out of T2 and ready for the Hill of Death

Just meters from the finish line

Hey, a little hardware for the mornings work!

Nice work
Good result! Hill of Death? What side of the lake is that on?
South side, Just before you turn right into the park. It's a grinder.
i don't care 'bout no stinkin' hill. where did you start on the swim? way off to the left, if it was available, i hope.
Nice job Jeff, it was cool to read a report and see pics about a tri.
Dirty - I know, the hill bows to you. Yes I started way to the outside, all alone and as always it worked! Good to hear from you.

JY - Thanks, let me know if you want any readings or tips before your first multisport adventure.
I sure will :) I'll be in touch.

Thanks for the hill info. It's a good chance that will be on the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational. Route comes in from the south and goes around on the West side towards Gladbrook.

Fitting that you would call it the Hill of Death, isn't it!
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