Saturday, July 15, 2006


Short Version

Here is a super quick re-cap from todays race. Details on every leg coming later. Buchanandale should have some good pics for me. Anyway, the heat got to me today which was dissapointing cause I thought I had that figured out. I have no idea how I placed as times from this event are always posted slow. In 2003 I did the race in 1:10:29, today was around 1:13:30. 3 minutes slower and it was all lost on the run due to leg cramps. Based off my "normal" run splits I would have been low 1:09's. I can deal with that, I'm showing improvement if my bad days are not as bad as the once were. Full recaps with pics to come later.

Stay cool,

Ed out!

it was hotter than hell in hudson today and jackal says it was even hotter where all ya'all were at. cramps suck! sure you did fne!

peace out, yo!
it's been like 3 weeks since you've posted, brother. WAKE UP!!!

peace out, yo!
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