Thursday, November 09, 2006


Is this thing on??

After 2 months I almost forgot my log in! So, where to start?? How about some general stuff.
Yep, I've been busy. Lots of little projects getting done around the house. Ainsley is getting sooo big. She is really active and picks up words so quickly, she's really a joy to be around.
Stopped at Europa cycle and ski to get some items on my Xmas list. What's on your Xmas list? Rob Walters and Ron Saul were also hanging out at the shop. Rob was digging on this while Ron and I improved our style points trying on these Oh so nice!

Shop is still busy and growing which is good. May have an opportunity for some new business via Mr. Saul, thank you sir! Rumor has it some photo's of a unique bike transportation rack are starting to float around, hummmmmmmmm. Maybe I have had a little time to play at the shop!

CVA webite is super duper close to being launched. Probably in two weeks or less. It would be this weekend but I have plans out of town.

Well, that should be good for now. Oh I do need to give props to Blue for building a dead sexy Surly 1x1.

Peace out yo!


thanks jeff! the credit goes to jackal for the build on the surly. all i did was write the check! :) i love the bike!!!!

saw the pictures of the "two wheeled human powered conveyance transport system" this morning. you need to build a couple of those and get them into a couple of shops! nice work, thoughtful design! flexible!!!!

great to hear that you're still kickin'! behave yourself!

peace out, yo!
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