Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Well, maybe random is the wrong title cause I really don't have a lot to say. For the past 2 weeks someone in the family has bee sick with the flu or head cold. I'm still a little drained from my battle with the illness. Cedar Valley Adventure seems to be getting a positive response which is very good. I hope to build the race formats and have them up soon, then follow up with some folks on sponsorship. My blog has taken a non-training, riding, running, or anytype of fitness turn. Am I just that busy I can't squeeze in the things I really, really enjoy? Or is it a change of seasons causing the body to slow down, get fat, keep warm, and prepare for what comes during the harsh winter months.( that sounded like some crap you would hear on the discovery channel.) Any way I leave you with Saturday breakfast at the Slade home and a picture of the bike rack in production mode.

looks like ainsley is doing a better job of eating her cereal than dad is. what's up with that?

peace out, yo!
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