Wednesday, December 20, 2006


'07 is coming

It's about time to put 2006 in the books and look forward to 2007. As most people I have goals I would like to reach in the next year. Some are business related, some are athletic related, and some family related.
They include:
Making CVA one rocking race series
Running a sub 18:00 min 5k
Running a sub 40:00 min 10k
Running a sub 20:00 min 5k at the end of a tri
Ave 22mph on the bike during a tri
Trying new race formats, adventure race(i've been saying this for 3 years) or a 6-12 hour mtb race. Probably solo but Bidwell may be looking for a running mate in '07

Business wise, we want to continue to grow our business. This will include the launch of a business website and some road time for me talking to new customers. As we expand into cycling products and cnc reto-fitting machines we will probably expand into another building also. Crazy, never would have pictured that 3 years ago.

I will also be at some events pimping with the guys at Happy Mutant Multisport.

It will be a busy but hopefully fun and rewarding year.
What does '07 have in store for you?

You have got some great events coming in 07 and the cool thing is that it can involve the family a bit more than some other venues. I like the idea of Youth events as a precursor to the main event. I would be definitely interested in teaming up- Let the training and fun begin!

be good!

peace out, yo!
What, you think Santa's gonna pass me by??
i hope not!

merry christmas to the slade family!

peace out, yo!
Merry Christmas O Maker of Widgets!
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