Wednesday, December 27, 2006


It's Official

I'm FAT! Holy cow kids. Ending your season in early July and then not getting in regular workouts plus the holiday treats has taken it's toll. I'm not gonna give out any numbers but were talking Freshman 15 situation here. So moved up my '07 training start date from Jan 2nd to Christmas day. After a fantastic Christmas including tons of cool stuff for Ainsley, a new video camera for taping Ainsley, and a visit from Craft Claus I headed out for a trail run Christmas afternoon. Awesome day to run in the woods, I hit the Spring TT loop which is about 4 miles. It was a good test for my New Balance Thermal Tights and my Craft Gloves. They kept me nice and toasty as did my Duofold fleece jacket. I love tech clothing cause as it breaths the moisture starts to frost on the outside. Trail was in pretty good shape, saw a group of deer, a few MTB tire tracks, and even some green grass. After the run I got in a good stretch and felt great.

Tuesday I headed over to The Runners Flat to chat with Scott and Sarah about the upcoming Cedar Valley Adventure series. I'm so pumped about this, It's going to ROCK! Honestly people, you have no idea. This will be the "to do" off road race series in eastern Iowa. Speaking of that, I have another blog to get set up. More on that soon!


those mtb tracks were probably g-ted's. i've been told he's living in those woods....

happy new year!

peace out, yo!
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