Wednesday, December 06, 2006



I have found Michelle. I was at an end of season NASCAR party over the weekend and ran into her. She said she had a great 30th birthday and her mom did get a hold of her. Juels, she said she is currently free and looking for that special someone. You know, someone she can give her whore money to in return for some rock candy.

In bigger and better news............................. UNI 57 Iowa 55

Take that bitches!!!!!!! Steve I'm overpaid, over rated, and over dressed Alford.
That's, it's a damn good time to be a Panther grad.

Shop is nuts right now. Everybody wants something and they want it like right now!!! In fact, I'm on my way back there in about 30 minutes. Merry Christmas to you too! They are delaying the production of the bike racks. Oh well, gotta pay the bills some how.

OK, that's all folks.

Hey, Jeff. Hope yer not going too crazy at the shop! I've got to get with you some time to see if that rack idea will fit in my little blue bomber I just got. 90 civic wagon! You'll laugh when ya see it!

didn't the Panthers beat the 'clones too? doesn't that give them the state champ bragging rights? UNI
Ted - I'm sure we can get you a custom rack for the new gheto ride.

Dirty, one more win over Drake and yes, the Cats will have state bragging rights!
i hate nascar but, well, anyway..... gimme' her digits man....

go gophers!

peace out, yo!
You best be talking about college hockey!
yup, college hockey. there is no other worthwhile sport. i thought you knew that?

peace out, yo!
Cycling, running, and triathlon are not sports?

Moto GP is not sport??? What is sport?
Hey baby, I see you have braces, I have braces too


peace out, yo!

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