Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ok I'll Play

Well, Carlos has added me to this little game of "blogger tag". I'll be a good sport and play along.

- Best joy in my life is my daughter, Ainsley. Hands down, once you have kids you'll know what I mean.

- I played all the stick and ball sports in high school. Baseball, football, basketball, and golf. I was also a band geek like Kerkove. Marching band, concert band, jazz band........Man I'm a dork!

- If I could I would only ride bikes without gears. I love single speeds, I've converted more geared bikes to SS than I can remember. (my only geared bike is my tri bike)

- I hate draft legal triathlon's. Get some balls and do it on your own!

- I hate poorly designed low priced crap. Doesn't matter what it is, I hate looking at something and thinking for about 10% more money this product would really be useful.

- I'm super stoked about Cedar Valley Adventure. It's going to change the racing landscape in the area.

Ok that's all for me. I'm not going to win millions because I'm not going to tag anyone else. I think everyone has been hit.

Ed out!

i played the accordian when i was a kid..... took lessons and everything!

peace out, yo!
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