Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Random again

Really, I have no focus right now so I'm just going to spew lots of things at once. Here it goes

Why are people so damn crabby right now?? It's Christmas, time for joy and cheer and credit card debt .
Last week my good friend Chad got run up the flag pole for posting his personal feelings about a race, yes people, Ironman is just a damn race. And today some ass clown is bagging on Jeff for doing and saying the same things he has done for years! Yes, I use hammer products and recover ease becuase they ROCK. No, I'm not sponsored by them. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Who is Beta and why has blogger dumped them??

I've been doing way to much of this and non of this........It's very sad.

I'm drinking this as I type, even more sad.

Time to start training real soon. I'm thinking about doing several of these, and some of these, and promoting this........but right now I look like these guys. Sadness factor is getting worse, maybe I need to see one of these.
Naw.... all I really need is a ride on one of these

Who hit all the hot links???


Yeah, somebody is running me up the flag pole on my blog today, as well.

What's up with this time of year? I don't know, but you are right. Folks is prickly.

peace out, yo!
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