Saturday, December 02, 2006



That's just another way of saying, "Random". So here goes.
A huge WTF yesterday. So, there I was, running a lathe at the shop when the phone rings. Stop the lathe, answer the phone. "Good afternoon S&S"....."Is Michelle there?". "Sorry, no Michelle here, you must have the wrong number". "This is the number she gave me, do you know where Michelle is?" "Aaaaaa no!" "This is her mother calling from South Carolina, do you know how I could find her?" "Again, no!" "How old are you? about 24?" "I'm 27" "You might know Michelle, she turns 30 tomorrow." OK, by now I'm laughing my ass off. Why does this lady think I know her daugher and why is she wasting her dime talking to me? The called lasted another minute and I just hung up on her. WTF!!!

More WTF, Ainsley won't sleep at night or take a nap. And when she does sleep she is standing up with her head on the edge of the crib. Are you kidding me! I'm sure it's just a phase but it's weird.

Winter is here, highs in the 20's and 30's. I hope Santa brings me some of the Craft gear I asked for.

Blog that made me laugh out loud. Noo-noo's X skills are awesome! You must watch the video.

Cedar Valley Adventure site has a few updates on it. I hope to add a trail info section, and more races soon. I have also reserved a blogsite that should be rock'in shortly.

I leave you with scary shots of a man on rollers and the Cedar Valley's bravest cold weather rider.


Sounds like Ainsley is getting the endurance training started early in her life.
ditto on that!

peace out, yo!
btw.... who's michelle?

peace out, yo!
Did you find out if Michelle is single? She is my age and you never know how things can work out
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