Wednesday, January 17, 2007



This is my 250th post so I thought I would celebrate for the heck of it.
Yeh, hee-haw, 250th post!

Just returned from the gym which = 2.25miles (20min) on the treadmill (BOOOOO!) and 1 round on the weights. Look out Arnold!!(you should say that in Arnold's voice, don't me embarrased, we've all done it)
Run tomorrow and Friday and week 1 will be in the books.

Spent the early part of the week with Katie getting this off the ground. Not completely finished but you get the idea. Katie's B-day is tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE! She is now old like me till April, then I become old again.

That is all


Congrats- and thanks for making your training schedule public - helps us greenhorns out alot!
Happy B-Day Katie !!
happy birthday katie!

eduardo.... you do realize that the arnold is on crutches, right?

peace out, yo!
Yea, I have a shot at him!
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