Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Every so often a guy just has to vent, it helps with the blood pressure.

Today I spent 5 hours to get 50 business cards and 10 brochures printed. WTF!!! I had everything ready to go, all that needed to be done was put it on a template and print it, 20 min job tops, and I spent 5 hours getting the job done and I'm still not happy with it. Today I wished I was still working at POS with Carl and Blue, could have slid this one through and had a top quality product. I will NEVER go to Staples again, and there is a good chance I will never go to Copyworks again. Grrrrrr

I went to the dentist today to confirm my diagnosis of a condition called TMJ. I'll let you google that, the results are endless. It is a mis-alignment of the jaw and it hurts like a mother! So, I'm jacked up on pain killers. The label reads "May cause drowsiness or Dizziness". I'm gonna be safe next to a lathe turning at 1,000 rpm! Grrrrrrr

UNI played like shyt tonight on ESPN2 and are watching their dreams of a fourth straight NCAA bid flush down the drain. I'm not giving up but you might want to start thinking Not In Tournment panther fans.

Sad news - The father of one of my good friends passed away Friday from cancer. Sunday morning my neighbor was killed in a car accident and her husband is in bad shape at the hospital. Life is short, tell your family you love them everyday.

Last weeks training was.....well...........weak. 40min running and 1 hour on the weights. Grrrrrrrr

Tonight I was able to take out some aggression on the treadmill and weights. That 10lb dumbell was my bitch! For those that are following along sorry for the late update. Remember week 3 has some changes from week 1 and 2.

Run - 4x25min Keep the pace down, low on the heart rate and RPE.
Weights - As desired, still 2 sets of 15 with low weights
Bike - Nope, not yet
Swim - 2 or 3 sessions between 300 and 1,000 yards.

If you are local and would like to swim but are scared, don't know where/where, or have never been shown the proper way post a comment and I'll be glad to help you out. I'm not that great and I'm usually in the top 3rd of my age group so I can at least start you in the right direction.

Venting done, tomorrow will be better than today.

i told you before eduardo, i don't swim, so get off my back!

so sorry to hear about the losses of your friends. life is definitely short and you really never know. your advice is sage.

also sorry to hear about your luck with the printing. some things are just best left to the pros. did you talk to cliff over at hudson printing? ;)

be safe, brother.

peace out, yo!
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