Sunday, January 28, 2007



What to most of you use, a heart rate monitor or rate of perceived exertion?

When I became serious about training I purchased a HRM. Did the tests, set the high and low and trained based off of HRM. 1st season was Ok, 2nd and 3rd were my worst seasons ever. Now I admit there are other factors involved but...On race day I found myself looking at my heart rate and freaking out at how high it was. I would make myself slow down assuming if I kept it up I would blow up at some point during the race. Now, even though my heart rate was up I didn't feel bad, so I basically spent 2 years second guessing myself on race day and during training, what to do? what to do?

2006 season - A blessing from the triathlon gods - My battery went dead in my HRM. So, send it in for replacement, or say screw it! I said screw it and just started listening to my body, or using the RPE. How do you feel?? I said easy or base miles was a pace I could keep for a couple of hours, breathing through my nose or talking to somebody. And well, going till you puke was the top end. '06 ended up being my best year yet. A little mind over matter, and knowing I wouldn't be second guessing myself on race day also helped. I just listened to what my body was saying. Some times it said "that's good right there" and other times it, "feeling good today, keep pushing!"

HRM??? Not in my near future.

I have also started a thread on Happy Mutant if you would like to comment there.

RPE here- I've got an HRM but mainly use it to check how fast I am recovering.
RPE here.
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