Monday, January 22, 2007


Stick and Ball Sports

Good or Bad for cyclists, runners, and tri geeks??

That is my question, what is everyone's take on this.

My vise is Sunday afternoon basketball at the local high school.
Personally, I say screw it. It beats sitting on my butt all afternoon and I work muscles I don't work while training for Tri's. I know, cause I'm sore on Monday morning.

I say Viva La X-training!!

Wanna shoot some hoops?

Last weeks stat counter
Run: 1:20
Bike: 0:00
Swim: 0:00
Lift: 2:00
bball: 1:30

I'll restrain myself from commenting about stick-n-ball sports. I think you know my opinion on them. :)
There is something to be said skying over someone and dunking on them. Of course, I can't so I don't play
Basketball- coach it every Saturday and play when I can.
So fun you forget your exhausted.
Baseball- Most boring game in the world but fun to play.
Football- Ummmm I was like 140 in high school- you get the picture.
#1 Xtraining sport = ULTIMATE!!!
Come on Carlos!!! Stick and puck?

Happy, I cannot "sky" but I can make in rain from downtown.

Good x-training sport mtbidwell.
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