Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Weekend at Bernie's

Ok, I was at Ulrich park... not Bernie's. Who's Bernie, Does he know Michelle?
Anyway, I snapped some pics while walking the trails at Ulrich on Saturday. I was scoping out the route for the April 7th Trail Run. It's going to be lot's of fun. Last week 3 more sponsors were locked in for the series, details on that will be posted at a later date.
Creek Crossing (1 of Many!!)

Up Up Up, feel the burn!

Yikes, you want me to cross that??

Steep down hill, weather conditions could make a mud slide, SWEET!

Can't wait -that is just around the corner- Hope to have the legs ready by then- I just watched that movie- classic.
I have not been there in a long time. Sure looks nice
can you imagine the offspring of bernie and michelle? owwwwwww......

peace out, yo!
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