Monday, February 05, 2007


Snowshoe Review

Saturday was my first taste of a little thing called snowshoe racing. Well, I didn't race because I already had a bit of frost lung but 12 athletes braved the cold temps (felt like -33) to take on the 5 mile trail at Hartman Reserve. The event was put on by Scott Gall of the Runner's Flat and everyone had a great time. So, my impressions about snoeshoes. They were pretty cool, and super easy to use, in fact several of the racers had never been in snowshoes prior to the race. I slapped on a pair of the demo Crescent Moon shoes and went for a little walk. It was suprisingly very natural to use the shoes and the binding system is way ease to use. Never having been in snowshoes I was walking around in 3 minutes. Next year this is something I will find myself getting into, super cool! If you want more info stop in at the Runner's Flat, they have snowshoes on display and can get you hooked up!

Sunday I headed to the gym before all the Super Bowl action got going. 2 rounds on the weights followed by 25 min run on the deadmill. Now, if you want a little twist to your running lift weights then run, instead of run then lift. You're legs will feel heavy like at the end of a race, get over that and the last 1 mile of an event could be your strong point.
Totals for last week.
Run 3x25 for 1:15
Weights 3x40 for 2:00
Bike none
Swim should have but none (it's cold out yo!)

This week
Run 3x25 and 1x45 (sweet)
Weights 3x2 rounds at adaptation phase
Bike none
Swim - 2 or 3 sessions 500-1500yards per

i don't swim!

peace out, yo!
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