Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Weekend at the 'Rents

So, finally things are back to normal after the weekend ice and wind storm took power down all over Iowa. Friday started with a 2 hour wait next to a burning power pole that lightning had struck. Yea, lightning in February! Then a car roll-over later in the night. Saturday the pager started going off by 8:30am and never stopped. Countless calls for various reasons. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured. Then 2:00pm Saturday afternoon the lights went off. By 6:00 we headed in to my parents in Waterloo to stay the night. We were joined by my sister and husband who were also without power. It was a family slumber party! By Monday morning I had power and we were back to living in the Hud. Its was Tuesday am before my sister had juice. Lets hope this next storm is not as bad.

Training has been a little off to say the least but I had a good run and weights this am. Hopefully I can get things back on track.

What's up with Bidwell's blog being invite only?? It's like high school all over. Can I come to the party.......... please?

In major cycling news Jan retired. I wonder how many more years he would of had if he spun more and smashed less?? But, I guess you are who you are.

I received an email from my cousin Kelly today, he tore(yes completely tore) his plantar facia while running. OUCH! He'll have a long and slow recovery. Get well soon!!!

Ed out

Nothing to see there.. Blog go bye-bye. Deleted .. Glad you got the power back -
good to hear everyone was okay. we were lucky only to lose power for about 45 minutes. ready for the next wave?
Bidwell - that's too bad, I liked reading your blog.

Noz - we were very lucky to have family in the area with power. I'm not looking forward to round #2. Taking care of the family and trying to help others via the Fire Dept gets stressful.
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