Tuesday, March 13, 2007


70 what??

From freak ice storms to 70 degrees, gotta love the Iowa weather.

So I was totally jones'n to get out of the shop today and go for a run. I have found it's much easier to tell a boss, "I'm taking the afternoon off" than it is to just up and leave when you are your own boss. But I ditched out around 4:15. I get home and step into the back yard and hear a lot of dripping. It was almost splashing, so I walked around to check it out and found a pond creeping it's way up toward my basement walkout, ahhhhhhhh! Not good, so I changed into some shorts and crappy shoes and put my sump pump in and fired it up just in time. I would have never expected that. All the snow on the upper deck and in the back yard had melted and made its way to the walkout. So, after that we grilled up some cheese burgers (yum) and ate supper. I wonder if Blue fired up the Weber and grilled some chubs?

After supper Katie noticed a couple packages at the front door. Santa Hammer Nutrition had brought me the goodies for the Ulrich Park Adventure Run. Huge thanks to Hammer and Carole. They have gone above and beyond to support the CVA events.

Monkeytron called later in the evening and we spoke for a bit. He says he's getter faster, it's all in his head. Speaking of monkey business Dirty is going to be back in town Fri, Sat, Sun. Looking forward to catching up with him and also getting fitted to my tri bike. Proper fitting is important and I will take all the help I can get.

So, after watching American Idol and putting Ainsley to bed I was able to go for a run. And a good run it was. 45 min nice steady base, feeling good. So I go my run, just not when planned and that's ok.

Is it in my head, or is it just the voices in my head?
no chubs on the grill yet, ed. soon. very soon!

peace out, yo!
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