Wednesday, March 21, 2007



Hey all,
Just a quick rundown here of what's been shaking. Lots of irons in the fire this time of year.

Has spring sprung?? Some people go off a groundhog, I killed a fly today so I say spring is here.

My good buddy Dirty Dirtram was in town last weekend. He was kind enough to give a few of us an expert bike fit. Carl is liking how is Cannondale six13 is feeling. Clay did some changing on the set up of my Slingshot 650c tri bike. Changes included moving my cleats back 7mm, Raising my seat post, changing my seat tube angle from 75.5 to 77.5, and a minor aero pad adjustment. Oh baby do things feel better. I can't wait to hit a familiar tri course and put the hammer down. Thanks Clay!!!

Saturday afternoon was a trip to Adventure Land hotel and water park in Des Moines. Yes the water park was indoors. Several families from the fire dept went down. The kids and adults all had a good time.

I finally wore out my Smith shades so I purchased a pair of Serfas Sike's from Bike Tech. First impressions are they fit awesome, they are light, and clear. I'll give a better report after some athletic activities have taken place with them.

Trail Running Clinic hosted by CVA at The Runner's Flat on Thursday March 29th. 6:30pm speakers will be Scott Gall and myself. Yes, you can show up just to watch me speak in front of a bunch of strangers. No, I don't do the picture you naked bit, I picture myself naked instead!

Trail Work day this Saturday at 8:00am at Ulrich Park. Bring rakes, shovels, saws, gloves, and anything else you think will help. At this time no chainsaws or other motorized tools.


you wouldn't be my first choice of "people to see naked"

call me at work.

peace out, yo!
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