Thursday, May 10, 2007


Aw Crap

What a start to the morning. Katie has been working late this week so I have to pick Ainsley up from the sitter. That means no time to commute to the shop, bummer. Last night Katie said her mom was picking up Ainsley today so I could ride, yea!! Well this morning Katie couldn't remember if her mom was just coming over or picking up Ainsley and coming over. Hummmm, ok I will drive my truck to the shop. So Katie and Ainsley are gone and I get into my truck and battery dead! Someone (me) left the dome light on last night. Grrrrrr, this is Thursday not Monday right? So now I sit at home like a 19 year old that just got a DUI waiting for my father to come over and take me to work. Man I'm a loser.

I leave you with Ainsley performing a self massage. I wish I could reach back there, but I cannot. So I'll be getting a free massage at this event.

loser? geez jeff, don't be so hard on yourself!
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